At the Forefront

We diagnose your business needs and plug in appropriate solutions. We have started services around Implementation of Digital Transformation, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things.

We are in the process of launching Block-chain Solutions and Digital Enabled Skill Development.

We specialise in bringing in requisite skilled organisations to transform your business. We also bring in subject matter experts to guide you better with your decisions.


Helping businesses gear up through



We believe in simplicity in whatever we do. If you see our communication, you will not find anything unnecessary – but crisp and to the point. When we look at solutions to your problems, we focus on simplicity. Teams execute simple and pointed tasks better.


We are in it to add value. We take up projects when we are confident that we can add value to your business. It will be our effort to discover where the gaps lie in your existing way of working. We will help plug the gaps and grow your business.


Yes. We don't leave it after doing the diagnostics of your business's health or putting forth the recommendations.We help you implement them - through subject matter experts, select skilled partners through project management processes.

The USPs

Insights from varied subject matter experts

We use subject matter experts who come and bring in the best way of progressing.

These include ex-CEOs, Strategy Heads, Expats etc.

Using tools & technology which are most effective

We bring in tools which are best suited for your needs & will give your best possible insights.

For example, heat-maps will be used to project your needs geographically

Implement at war-footing

We turn around the project quickly and start implementations.

We appoint the required partners to get things going

Management Team

Rajiv Khosla


IIT Kharagpur, IIM Lucknow

27 Years Experience, CXO Level Management, B2B Sales Leader, P&L Management

Avik Chowdhury

Head of Operations

Aston University, UK

16 Years Experience, P&L Management, B2C Sales Leader, Startup & Investor