Lets look beyond the usual

We have the top of the line digital brains involved with us, with the help of whom, we help create a digital journey for you. We work from conceptualisation of strategy to the execution of the transformation along with your teams.

Sample Roadmap in Digital Transformation

We are developing solutions with Artificial Intelligence. The main idea behind these are to generate machine power to do what is beyond ordinary. The solutions are used for performance improvement and to bring about a customer WOW.

Software Development

For the solutions to work, it is critical to first have customised software which will be required to compute the variables. This is the base on which AI can be used.

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Various AI Elements are then augmented with the software to bring about the futuristic dimensions to the software.

Data Science & Analytics

Cutting edge analytics are imbibed in the system to bring out the optimum productivity of the initiative.

The Technology Span

AI & Data Science Model

Coding the intelligence behind the systems

Web / Mobile Application

User interface to experience the solutions

Big Data, BI & Analytics

Analytics of large amount of data for performance

How are people using it?

Listing a few of our Sample Used Cases. Use the technology to distribute this much further to build AI systems suited to your organisations.


Document Manager

Capabilities to decode documents and automate data warehousing using OCR / ICR
BFSI: Mortgage, Loan Applications | Healthcare: Patient records, Medical transcription | Enterprise ERP, Contract Management | Governance: Demography Records | Telecom: Customer Management


Solutions on real-time and pre-recorded camera captures
Suspicious Person Identifier | Suspicious Movement | Suspicious Object | Count of Objects

Retail Management

AI in Retail Chains for higher productivity
Identification of Products | Best Shelves for Productivity | Analytics of Consumer Behavior

BOT Solutions

Using BOTS for customised solutions like Customer Engagement on Digital Banners
Customized BOTS | Integration with Digital Promotions | UI / UX | Process Automation