Make great sense of your data

Your organisation has advanced business intelligence scouting through your data for sharp insights day in day out. To add to that, we bring in expertise to throw insights on what you may have missed. Our partners have the experience and the skill set to work on humongous amounts of data to throw cutting edge insights.

Key Services in Analytics

Our partner brings in the expertise in the following areas

Marketing Analytics

  • Multi-Channel Campaign Analysis
  • Data Integration & Visualization
  • Marketing Mix
  • Media Optimization
  • Creative Optimization

Customer Analytics

  • Customer Profile
  • Loyalty Analytics
  • Cross Sell – Up Sell
  • Customer Life Time Value
Historical to Predictive Analytics across function driven by technology

Supply Chain Analytics

  • Market Basket
  • Pricing
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Resource Planning

Sales Analytics

  • Predictive pipeline
  • Sales and Revenue Forecasting
  • Account Segmentation
  • Churn Management
  • Rep Activity Analysis

How are people using it?

Revenue Enhancement

companies are doing Analytics on their customer base to profile them. They are taking concentrated actions based on the profiling.Additionally Analytics are being used for channel profiling. The mix of product, customer and channels bring about increase in revenue.


companies are using Analytics on their manpower and resources. Analytics bring up areas to focus on for their resources thereby taking up productivity and effectiveness.

Optimizing Costs

Analytics is also being used for controlling costs. Checking for historical trends and predictive analysis is helping in understanding costs structures- helping in achieving P&L goals at an overall level.

Technology Capabilities of Partner

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